Why invest in Custom Window Treatments ?

One of the saddest things you can do to a

beautiful home is to cheapen it's appeal with

department store blinds out of a box. They

may be a quick fix to getting your windows

covered but are usually poor in quality don't

fit well, and don't last long before they are

warped or broken. On the other hand, good

quality custom blinds, shades or shutters are

a good investment. They can add to the appeal

and value of your home and provide energy

saving insulation. Most of them have a limited

lifetime warranty, will be trouble free for years

to come, and The Picture Window offers FREE  in home repairs on almost everything we sell! These days most products have cordless

options or the convenience of motorization!

We offer name brands and blinds for every 

budget. They come in a huge array of colors

and textures to complement any design theme.

So Call Today for a FREE Estimate!

Here are some links to the brands we offer:

"Dear Janet,

I am so pleased with my new blinds. They look wonderful, and the color is just perfect!

Also, Jeff did a great job on the installation

& was so accommodating.

A great big "THANK YOU" to both of you!

Betty Boyd"

purple shades
purple shades

purple pleated honeycomb shades

green wall
green wall

tan window shades hunter douglas honeycomb shades

purple shades
purple shades

purple pleated honeycomb shades